Hello, my name is Yme van der Linden. Nice to meet you! I am an engineer by education and profession. However, I have always had a big interest in the stock market. Everyone dreams of getting rich over night, or making millions of dollars as a hedge fund manager on wall street (have you seen a movie called The Big Short? if not, I recommend you fire up Netflix right away!).

I was no exception, and therefore I decided to combine my computer programming skills with my passion for investing. To that end, I started learning Python so I could build an artificial intelligence (AI) bot which could automatically trade stocks for me (and hopefully make billions of dollars!).

Of course, building such a thing is easier said than done. Four years, a master’s degree in data science and a thesis on investing with AI later, here we are. Spoiler alert, I am not a billionare (yet). After reading tons and tons of literature on finance, investing and machine learning, I have become convinced that investing with AI is infeasible, at least for the average Joe like me (not disrespecting any Joe’s around, you rock!).

What I have become convinced of though, is an investing philosophy that is very simple yet effective. I cannot promise that it will make you a billionaire – and most people who do such promises are flat out lying. What I do hope, is that my strategy enables you to grow your savings in a way that minimizes risk as much as possible. Moreover, with my strategy there is no need to contribute to the salary of some highly paid fund managers – you can easily do it yourself! And the beautiful thing is – there is no need to check what the markets are doing 329 times a day. Buy and hold baby!

Hopefully I’ve piqued your interest! Read more about my views on the current world order and the markets on my insights page, or get going straight away with my getting started guide!